JSM work across the Environmental, Sustainability and Planning sectors in both the UK and overseas.

Our clients range from large multi-disciplinary consultants to independent SME’s as well as a range of corporate clients. We cover a range of disciplines across these sectors and are regularly working on roles in the following sectors:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment - SEA, Environmental Appraisal, Environmental Planning
  • Town Planning  - Urban, Rural, Commercial, Retail, Leisure Energy & Heritage
  • Transport Planning / Design -  Mixed Use, Retail, Residential, Commercial and Energy Sectors.
  • Contaminated land -  Phase 1 and 2 Site Investigation, Risk Assessment, Hydrogeology, Remediation
  • Sustainability – Sustainability Appraisal, BREEAM, CEEQUAL CSR, EMS
  • Air Quality - Assessment and Modelling
  • Ecology – Protected species, surveying and reporting, mitigation.
  • Water Resources – Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Flood risk Assessment.
  • Noise / Acoustics -  Monitoring and Modelling
  •  Socio-Economic Impact Assessment  - ESIA, ESHIA
  • Energy – Carbon Management, Energy efficiency
  • Renewables – Wind, Solar, Biomass, Tidal

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