Working in close partnership with our clients we are able to advise on the best strategy and approach to  enable your business to grow by attracting the best talent to. 

Years of experience has enabled us to really understand what will work best in any given scenario. We fully understand our client’s needs, culture, strategy and key selling points.  We are able to deliver outstanding results in competitive  markets whilst saving you valuable time and money

We have gained an excellent reputation for tailored professional services and have developed a deep  understanding of devising the best recruitment strategy for each role we are assigned.

  • We pride ourselves on understanding the real issues that face companies trying to recruit the best candidates in today’s challenging market.
  • JSM offers a variety of solutions to key clients depending on their specific needs.
  • We provide both contingent and retained search services. In most cases this is done on an exclusive basis with our clients.
  • We will  give you an honest appraisal of the best approach based on each particular role.
  • We use a highly-sophisticated approach which has been honed over many years.  JSM associates has an extensive network and database of leading industry professionals.
  • Through our highly-advanced methods we can secure well qualified candidates for even the most difficult roles.
  • We save you time by delivering quality not quantity of candidates. We have a great track record in succeeding where others have failed.

We are always available to come and meet you face to face to get an even better understanding of your requirements and to ensure that we deliver the best service possible.


Latest News

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    Navigating Career Change: Embracing Sustainability as Your Next Chapter

    Embarking on a career change into the sustainability sector is an exciting journey that not only aligns with personal values but contributes to a more sustainable future. Here's a comprehensive guide with actionable tasks to help you make a successful transition.

    Posted 4 December 2023

  • Unveiling the Cutting Edge: Insights from CIEEM Autumn Conference 2023

    Unveiling the Cutting Edge: Insights from CIEEM Autumn Conference 2023

    The recent CIEEM Autumn Conference 2023 held in Liverpool was a hugely enjoyable and informative 2 days. For someone such as myself who is gaining knowledge in order to become a practicing ecologist it was incredibly insightful as well as at times being over my head in terms of comprehension of some of the topics covered.

    Posted 30 November 2023

  • Join The Ecology Network

    Join The Ecology Network

    As a passionate ecologist, I'm sure you know that staying up-to-date with the latest industry news and insights is crucial for personal and professional growth. That's why I'm excited to introduce you to our Specialist Ecology Group on LinkedIn; The Ecology Network

    Posted 20 November 2023