10 New Year's resolutions tailored for Ecologists seeking both professional and personal fulfilment:

1.       Diversify Research Areas: Explore new ecological niches or research interests to expand expertise and find fresh inspiration in the field.
2.       Practice Mindfulness in Nature: Spend more time outdoors connecting with nature to foster personal well-being and strengthen the relationship with the environment.
3.       Share Knowledge Generously: Actively contribute to open science initiatives by sharing data, research findings, and insights to benefit the broader scientific community.
4.       Embrace Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Foster collaborations beyond ecology, engaging with experts from diverse fields to approach challenges holistically.
5.       Prioritize Work-Life Balance: Set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal life, avoiding burnout.
6.       Engage in Mentorship: Offer mentorship or guidance to budding ecologists, sharing experiences and knowledge to nurture the next generation.
7.       Advocate for Sustainability: Take an active role in advocating for sustainable practices and policies both within and outside professional spheres.
8.       Participate in Community Initiatives: Engage in local conservation projects or community-based ecology programs to contribute directly to positive environmental change.
9.       Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate personal and professional milestones, no matter how small, to foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
10.   Set small but achievable set of goals: Each week, set out 3 personal and professional goals that you can easily achieve. Over the course of a year this will equate to 300 + small achievements that will amount to a huge shift

Adopting these resolutions can contribute significantly to an ecologist's sense of fulfilment by expanding knowledge, promoting well-being, and making meaningful contributions to the field and the community.

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Written by:
Jeremy Money
Director, JSM Associates

I have worked within the Environmental and Sustainability sector for 20 years, making me one of the most established and well connected networkers in the market.

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