Merry Christmas & Happy New Decade

I can’t quite believe that next year represents the start of a new decade as well as no doubt a multitude of other milestones for people.  Momentously, we now know we are leaving the EU with Boris at the helm.  Like many, I have mixed feelings about this decision, but at least there is now an end to the constant uncertainty that has immobilised so many key decisions for people and projects.  Let’s hope that 2020 represents a shift towards a more positive outlook both economically and more importantly, in terms of how we tackle climate change and environmental issues.

On a more personal level 2020 also represents a milestone for me and JSM.  It will be my 20th Anniversary recruiting in the Environmental and Sustainability Sector.  I remember my first role working for Beresford Blake and Thomas in the year 2000.  No computers back then, just a rolodex, a telephone and fax machine.  Hard to comprehend that apart from a telephone these methods of working are now completely obsolete and probably don't mean anything to huge swathes of the population.  I had no idea back then that I was starting a career that would take me through the next 20 years and beyond.

I am lucky to work in an industry that I find so fascinating and significant.  I’m privileged get to talk to so many amazing and passionate people, who are working hard to make a difference to how we live our lives and trying to safeguard the planet for future generations.  Recruiters like me have a unique perspective on the industry.  I am immersed in the market, processing continual flows of information and evolving our product in order to continue to be of value to the industry.

My role within this market enables me to see some of the huge strides that are being made and constant innovations to try and tackle climate change.  These do provide a source of inspiration and hope, whilst recognising just how far we need to go in order to save the planet from irreversible climate change.

Here's to hoping that the next decade will represent a huge leap forward in terms of getting to grips with climate change and living more sustainably.  I will be working hard to play my part in this huge task at hand.

May I wish you Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2020.